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Redeem NFT’s

Redeeming your ShariaCoin Heritage Collection gold coin NFT’s can be done by following a few simple steps:

  1. Make a redemption request:
    To redeem your NFT, you must first make a request through the this website. The website provides a form for redemption requests where you will enter your details including the NFT’s you wish to redeem and your preferred method of redemption.
  2. Transfer NFTs to the ShariaNfts.com treasury wallet:
    Once your redemption request is made, you will need to transfer your NFTs to the ShariaNfts.com treasury wallet on the Rarible.com website, which is 0x78622C82f150b422F14DC605fd11634Da725A2dE.
    This is where the NFT’s must be sent after the redemption form is completed by you.
  3. Wait for verification:
    After you transfer your NFTs to the treasury wallet, the team at ShariaCoin will receive a notification via the blockscan to verify the transaction. This is done to ensure that the transfer is legitimate and that the coins / fiat / crypto can be safely sent to you.
  4. Choose your method of redemption:
    Once the transaction is verified, you will be issued an authorization to receive your gold coins. You will have three options for redemption:
  • Gold Coin:
    You can choose to receive the physical gold coins that correspond to the NFTs you redeemed, but you will need to pay the shipping fee.
  • Cryptocurrency:
    You can choose to receive the equivalent value of the gold coins in cryptocurrency based on the current spot price of 4.25 grams of 24K Bullion, minus a fee of 2.5%.
  • Fiat Currency:
    You can choose to receive the equivalent value of the gold coins in fiat currency deposited to your bank account, based on the current spot price of 4.25 grams of 24K Bullion, minus a redemption fee of 2.5%.
  1. Receive your redemption:
    Once you’ve chosen your method of redemption, you will receive your gold coins or payment according to your chosen option.

Redeeming your ShariaCoin Heritage Collection NFT’s is a simple and straightforward process. Our team at ShariaCoin works hard to ensure that the process is secure and transparent, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about redeeming your NFT’s @ support@theshariacoin.com

ShariaCoin NFT Redemption Form

ShariaCoin NFT Redemption Form

Use this form to redeem your ShariaCoin NFT for the actual ShariaCoin SGSC Gold COin matching your NFT. You may want to choose USDC, MATIC, ETH or BNB as a redemption choice paid into your wallet instead of a Gold Coin. Please indicate your choice and submit the form. Once the form is submitted be sure to deposit or transfer your ShariaCoin NFT into our treasury wallet through the OpenSea Platform in order for your redemption to initiate. Thank you for choosing ShariaCoin. May the Almighty bless you and your investments.

Please provide your email address for transaction confirmations.
Please provide your mobile number in international for e.g. +2711 123 4567
Please ensure that your wallet address is correct to ensure prompt delivery of your redemptions if you chose Crypto as an option.
Please accept our terms:

How to transfer a ShariaCoin NFT using the Rarible.com platform on the Polygon (MATIC) network:

Step 1:
Connect your wallet to Rarible.com

First, you need to connect your wallet that holds the ShariaCoin NFT and MATIC tokens to Rarible.com. To do this, click on this link [Treasury] and click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner. Choose your wallet from the list of available options and follow the prompts to connect it.

Step 2:
Navigate to the ShariaCoin NFT

Once you’ve connected your wallet, use the search bar to find the ShariaCoin NFT you want to transfer. Click on its listing to open the asset details page.

Step 3:
Click “Transfer” on the asset details page

On the asset details page, click the “Transfer” button located just below the asset image.

Step 4:
Enter our treasury wallet address.

Enter this wallet address: 0x78622C82f150b422F14DC605fd11634Da725A2dE  to transfer the NFT to in the “Recipient Address” field. Make sure you double-check the address to avoid any errors. We will not be held liable if the wrong address is used and make sure because your NFT maybe lost forever!

Step 5:
Confirm the transfer details

Check that the recipient address and the asset you’re transferring are correct, and that you have enough MATIC in your wallet to cover the gas fees. The gas fees will be displayed on the confirmation screen. Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed all the details, click “Transfer”.

Step 6:
Sign the transfer transaction

A pop-up window from your wallet will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction. Follow the prompts to sign the transfer transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, your ShariaCoin NFT will be transferred to the recipient’s wallet.

And that’s it!

You have successfully transferred a ShariaCoin NFT using the Rarible platform on the Polygon network.