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Innovative Investment Opportunity: ShariaCoin’s Gold and Silver Coin NFT Heritage Collection

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Innovative Investment Opportunity: ShariaCoin’s Gold and Silver Coin NFT Heritage Collection

ShariaCoin (PTY) Ltd. the South African cryptocurrency start-up with an Islamic focus, is excited to announce the launch of their brand new Gold and Silver Coin Heritage Collection of NFTs. This prestigious collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is comprised of a total of six separate coins, each of which carries its own distinctive meaning from an Islamic point of view.

The Kibla Coin is meant to symbolize the direction toward the Kaaba in Mecca that Muslims should face when they are praying. The city of Medina, which is considered the second holiest shrine in Islam, is honored with the Medina Coin. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which is regarded as the third holiest location in all of Islam, is honored with the Al-Aqsa Coin. The nation of Syria, which is home to a number of significant Islamic landmarks, is commemorated with the Syrian Coin. The Islamic culture that has played such a significant role in Afghanistan’s history is honored on the Afghan Coin. In conclusion, The ShariaCoin is a representation of the ideals and precepts of Islamic law, which constitute the basis of the ShariaCoin offering.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with ShariaCoin’s Gold Coin Heritage Collection NFTs: Symbolic and Tangible Value

These coins are not only significant due to their symbolic worth, but also due to the fact that each one is backed by 4.25 grams of pure 24 Karat gold which is equivalent to 1 Islamic Dinar and 2.975 grams of Silver which is equivalent to 1 Islamic Dirham. Because of this, the NFTs now contain an element of physical worth, which elevates their status to that of a useful and significant addition to any investment portfolio and adds the additional utility to be used as a form of settlement.

Because it provides unrivaled adaptability, the Gold and Silver Coin Heritage Collection gives investors the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are safe and maintain a stable value over time. ShariaCoin NFTs can be exchanged for fiat currencies, stable coins denominated in US dollars, or the actual 4.25gram SGC gold coins or 2.975g SSC silver coins respectively.

ShariaCoin has formed a partnership with the GRC mint in South Africa in order to manufacture and mint their coins in response to requests for redemption made by holders. This co-operation ensures that every coin is precisely created and minted to the exact requirements as per Sharia law. The mint has over 35 years of expertise in the sector of gold minting, and this relationship ensures that they will continue to do so. Audits and checks are performed on each and every coin to guarantee that its weight, composition, and value remain consistent from one coin to the next.

Dive into Islamic Culture and Invest in Pure Gold and Silver with ShariaCoin’s Newest Collection

The ShariaCoin team wishes to express gratitude to its community for the unwavering support they provide and expresses excitement that investors will soon be able to experience the newest gold and silver coin NFT investment from ShariaCoin. The Gold and Silver Coin Heritage Collection will be available for purchase via OpenSea.io marketplace and the CoinStore, Non.art NFT Marketplace from the 25th August 2023.   

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